Physiques' Fitness by Elvira

Physiques' Fitness by Elvira

Do you want to improve your health, ensure your mobility, and maintain a great quality of life? Want the Body of a 20 year old at the age of +++????... Are you concerned about the health issues that arise due to being overweight? Do you need motivation to start and stick to a fitness program??

Becoming and staying physically fit is vital for use to live a long and happy life

Physiques' Fitness by Elvira wants everyone to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a regular exercise program first hand.

"You're only as old as you feel" might be more fact than fiction. The older you are, the more important it is for you to do weight training. Fitness is one very important factor contributing to this.

Whether it is to improve health, guarantee independence later in life, feel better about the person in the mirror.
There is no reason to believe that fitness training age over 45+,55++,65+++ should be more difficult or less successful than fitness training at 20.

The Fitness Age Over45+, 55++ Program Benefits Include:

** increase strength; ** help maintain muscle mass; ** help maintain bone density; **improve flexibility, stability, and balance; **help improve reflexes;** increase energy levels;**promote better health and improve your quality of life.

After 45++ these benefits can be even more important. As we age, we often begin to experience more health related issues that are directly connected to a lack of fitness.

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Physiques' Fitness by Elvira goal is to provide the services, encouragement, and support To Be Fit for life; and provide you with the individual attention needed to achieve one or all of the following applications:

1) strength/conditioning/weight management

2) flexibility

3) cardiovascular endurance

With Fitness Age Over45+, 55 ++ program, you will change your perceptions and attitude about exercise, fitness, and health. You may have to make slight routine modifications and use more caution.

If you motivate and educate yourself, you can be virtually unstoppable on your path to fitness.

What may surprise you more is that a large portion of people entered middle age with failing bodies and little to no exercise. However, they found the cure to aging. They started weight training to reduce the weight, increase muscle mass and bone density. Exercise improved their cardiovascular strength and kept their joints in a youthful condition. The increased activity and blood flow improved their cognitive reasoning. They also saw positive changes in their self-esteem, personal philosophies, and overall happiness.

You can have that success if you create a well researched fitness plan tailored to your unique body and individual goals.

Along with personal fitness training, Physiqies' Fitness also provides nutritional counseling including constructing sample meal plans to help guide you to eat right for maximum fat burning and weight loss which is included with any training package purchase. This nutritional service is also available without a package purchase.

Check with your health care provider before you start training.


 You'll Achieve The Results You Desire...Guaranteed! 

Each program is designed to meet the needs of your goals.



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