Fully customized programs tailored to your preferences, your needs to maximize your  goals and results.

Prices are dependent on the packages you want to purchase, the larger package and more committed to the results you are to the program the less you pay and the more you get.

- Express HIIT Package (New clients only): starting @ $40/each session                       

- Intensive Body Transformations Program ( 4 sessions x weeks) : ask for a special price!                                                                                                                         

- Buddy/Couple Packages Discount: as low as $28/each person x session.                      

- Try me "30+15" Fitness Packages Discount: $299.00 (INCLUDED: software with nutrition meal plans & body composition testing, and 6 training sessions)!!!                   

***Nutrition meal plans programs available (4-8-12-16  follow up sessions):

                                                                                                                        Basic: ... $199.00 ( 12 weeks commitment);                                                                                                                          Jump Start: ... $290.00 (16 weeks commitment)

All Special Valid until 12/01/2019                        

- Body composition Testing, Fitness & Nutrition Assessment and Custom Designed meals plan construction purchased are available @ $105.00/4-6 weeks with follow up and $199.00/7-12 weeks with follow up without the purchase of fitness program. 

Results are Guaranteed...Or I'll train you for Free!!!  

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Priceless results!

Each program is designed to meet the needs of your goals.


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