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Physiques Fitness by Elvira LLC, fat loss, body transformation training programs

"I can’t believe it’s me: went from a size 14 to size 4!! The beginning of this journey was tough. I was set in my ways and thought I knew more than my trainer Elvira. Well a bit later I’m here to tell you this woman is amazing. Everyday there is a new workout so things never get boring, further Elvira is VERY mindful of all the things associated with being over 50. You know , “what hurts today”. lol...... If you are looking to change your life and lifestyle then I highly recommend you take a journey with Elvira." Michele G., 64 y.o. Scottsdale AZ

PERSONAL TRAINING: Fully customized PERSONAL TRAINING, FAT LOSS programs tailored to your preferences, your needs to maximize your  goals and results. 

Improve Your Health,Get in the Best Shape with Physiques Fitness by Elvira LLC, - Arizona's "Five Stars" rated company that focuses on fitness, nutrition and health: has over 23 years experience and specializes in PERSONAL TRAINING working with people 40+, Senior Fitness, Body Transformation, Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Rehabilitations and Nutrition (meal planning) Programs. 

Our programs are specifically designed to help you burn and lose body fat, gain muscle, and get healthy. Also Elvira Geiger has developed her Unique 3-6-8-12 weeks Body Transformation Programs that help people transform their body and health into life changing, lasting results.     

Don't waste another minute of your time on weight loss gimmicks and poor diet plans that don't work! Get your guidance from experienced fitness and nutrition expert who knows what's best for you and truly care about your success.     


Wide variety of Different Customized Personal Training, Fat Loss and Nutrition Programs catered to each person's individual needs with Guaranteed Results as well as offering nutritional counseling are available. In order to make sure you achieve success, nutrition coaching is included all personal training. Each program will be designed around: fitness, activity level, condition, preferences and goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


NO Contracts * NO Enrollment Fees *  Affordable Rates... * Priceless Lasting Results.

Each program is designed to meet the needs of your goals.


E-mail: geigerfitness@yahoo.com

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