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"The combination of Elvira' education and her 20+ years of international experiences adds so much to the program. I consider her a real fitness expert! Definitely the best trainer I have ever worked with- already in 4 short weeks I see more progress than after spending years with other trainers-Previously I've trained with a professional who owned his own "very large" gym - I've trained with a professional "spokeswoman" trainer-also I've trained with an ex NFL defensive lineman trainer and I have trained with your typical "Scottsdale" professional trainer-They were good but nothing like this." David D., 53 y.o. Scottsdale

"My husband and I started with Elvira Geiger about 7 months ago. We have both experienced an amazing transformation in the way we feel, our posture, our weight and our strength. Elvira has an expert eye for creating a personally tailored workouts and diet for each individual, since my husband and I were starting from different fitness levels and had different end goals in mind. Before seeing Elvira, I was regularly attending hot yoga classes 3-4 times a week and thought I was in pretty good shape. After working out with Elvira and following her direction, I was pleasantly surprised when I lost body fat and replaced it with lean muscle. I have more strength and energy and feel very good about myself. My husband was not in the habit of working out. He lost about 20 pounds of body fat and also has increased his lean muscle. He also used to walk with a hunched over back, but through Elvira’s exercise program, he has strengthened his back and shoulder muscles and is walking much straighter now. She educated us on the types of food to eat and when to eat them to coordinate with our workouts to achieve the maximum result. Needless to say, we are huge fans of Elvira and would recommend her to everyone. She is a true professional and highly skilled in all fitness areas. Her knowledge of exercise, dieting and overall fitness surpasses any trainer I have ever been in contact with. She is AWESOME!!" Diane M., 52 y.o Phoenix     

"AWESOME!! all the way around /from talking with Elvira, to her personal training program, her dedication to you and your goals. She teaches me how to eat and be healthy even when I'm not at the gym with her .. I feel comfortable with Elvira, she doesn't let me slack off, she encourages me, she is just as or even more excited to see the changes I am making.. I was skeptical and had my doubts but that is all gone now. Friends and strangers tell me how good I'm looking and that is the best but even better is that I feel the best physically and mentally!!" Claudia M., 37 y.o Phoenix   

"Elvira is a terrific personal trainer. She is well educated and experienced and fully understands how to shape and mold a body to achieve real results. Unlike other trainers that I have used and seen that stand around and socialize while charging you money for their time, Elvira actively works with you. She designs a program based on your initial fitness ability and modifies it as you improve. She focuses in on your weaknesses and works those areas to get real results. She encourages feedback so that she can make adjustments as each week goes by. I have been working out for many years, but after five weeks with Elvira, I can say that she has made a difference in my fitness level. I will definitely stick with her and would encourage other people that really want to make a positive change in their physical appearance and fitness level to work with her." Michael Leduc, 47 y.o. Scottsdale 

"Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, - helped me lose my belly! No joke, Elvira is amazing! She is very knowledgeable about not only exercise and weight loss, but the entire "life transformation" process. I have been working with Elvira for a few months now, and have lost 10+ lbs and several inches overall. I am not someone that likes the big gym atmosphere and absolutely love that I get one-on-one training without the hassle of "waiting for a machine". Elvira always makes my workouts different and is very conscious of my individual needs and wants. In the beginning, I told Elvira that in my sleep, I'd hear her say, "Cindy....belly, belly, belly". We had a good laugh about it, but I realized that even subconsciously I was aware of the decision I had made to improve my health. I have a very crazy schedule and live almost an hour away, but trust me- you will be happy with the results you get from having Elvira as your personal trainer. She is well worth the drive! Friends and family members have commented on how much younger I look and ask what I've been up to. I just smile and say, "Oh, it's my friend, Elvira"" Cindy B.49 y.o. Mesa, Az

"Elvira is an awesome trainer!! Before I contacted her I did research on her website...and I was considering hiring a trainer at the gym that I had a free pass at..their introductory packages for personal training was how to pretty much set up the machines and how many reps, etc...etc...I've also seen at gyms of how personal trainers are with their clients and its not so personable...but with Elvira of how I see how she treats her clients not only by experience but also by observing while I'm doing my cardio before my training with her, it's an amazing experience and she truly is a personal trainer...very personable....Never in my life have I hired a personal trainer since I'm nearing my 30s I'm wanting to be at a healthier weight than what I already am and am wanting to do it the right and proper way, not with doing exercise videos like I've done in the past and probably not doing the exercises in correct ways as I should. In fact compared to the training that I receive from Elly and the exercise videos I have never seen results as fast than with how I've seen with Elvira. I lost 6.5 lbs in the short 7 sessions she's been my personal trainer and I lost 10.5 inches total all over body...to top that off I lost 7 % of pure fat!!! to top that off, I realized that some of the exercises on the videos that I was doing was wrong and Elvira helped me realize that as well. I'm looking forward to working out with her more throughout the year and hopefully many more years to come :-)" Kizzy Musselman,29 y.o. Phoenix 

"I can say with total certainty that I'm in the best shape of my life! I've been training with Elvira for 10 months and my results have been and continue to be amazing! I'm about to turn 49 and feel better than I have since I was in my 20s. Elvira has guided me toward better nutrition and overall health and wellness, and I'm doing things in the gym that I never thought I could or would ever do (and having a blast doing them!). I have significantly reduced body fat, shed the unwanted pounds, and gained lean muscle mass. I'm stronger, more energetic and happier overall. Seeking out someone to help was the first step, and I've been taking huge steps consistently from my initial consult to today. I'm grateful for the compassionate and caring guidance Elvira always shows me. She's the best decision I've made for ME in years! On a scale of one to ten, this experience is a 12 and continues to be! Don't hesitate - Elvira's programs are tailor-made to meet your health and fitness goals, and her programs deliver! " Laura K., Phoenix 

"I am a 37 year old female. I have been to several different trainers. I went to one trainer for 1 full year and never saw the results that I achieved with Elvira in 3 months. Elvira has been by far the best I have ever encountered. She was able to help me change my body where others were not so successful. I lost 30 lbs and 3 dress sizes. I am in the best shape of my life. I feel great. She had me do things I never thought I could. I love that she changes the workout every time. You never get bored. She offers detailed meals plans. This helped too. I strongly recommend Elvira." Heather Bond, 37 y.o Phoenix 

"I came to Elvira to lose weight and put on muscle. Before working out with her, I was completely clueless when it came to fitness and nutrition. Elvira gave me the tools to eat right and gain muscle!! What impresses me the most about Elvira is her attention to detail and how much she she knows about fitness. She knows exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. Additionally, in the time I have worked out with her, she has never once checked her cell phone nor will she talk to others of her clients! It's all about you when you're working out with her. I have been been working out with Elvira for the last 6 months and all I can say is WOW! I'm officially addicted!" Anthony M, 34 y.o- July,2012  Phoenix   

"Elvira is truly a professional in every sense and she practices what she preaches! It quickly became clear she has a genuine interest in your progression. She is very thorough in monitoring your diet, ensuring proper technique and keeping you on track. I began to see changes within the first two weeks, including eliminating insomnia and reducing stress, not to mention two inches off my waist. She is fully committed to your success and I would highly recommend her to anyone! " Amy A.,46 y.o. Phoenix 

"In recent years, my physical condition has become increasingly unfit and, with my sedentary job and lifestyle, it appeared that it would continue to deteriorate. I decided that I did not want my physical condition to dictate the way I conducted my life in the future. Consequently, I started looking for a personal trainer to help me improve my physical state. I am absolutely delighted I found Elvira Geiger. She carefully crafted an exercise and nutrition program tailored to help me improve while mindful of the hazards of my osteoporosis. Elvira, a very pleasant person, works hard with me. She is very involved in my program--demonstrating, correcting and motivating throughout. But she doesn't stop there as she shows genuine commitment to my success. She demonstrates this by often emailing me after 10:00 at night with additional tips, as needed. I have seen significant improvement and results (-22 lbs), and know that Elvira will help me achieve my goals." Joanne R, 61 y.o.Phoenix

"Elvira is the best trainer I have ever found! She varies the workout programs so that I don't get bored and my muscles are constantly "surprised". The result is that I regained strength quickly and I am much more toned. And that's at only the two month mark. Can't wait to see how I look in another couple of months. I love the privacy of the gym, too." Syl Leduc, 57 y.o. Scottsdale  

"My personal training by Elvira has been a 1st rate experience, she has shown me the importance of staying fit. I will be continuing my training sessions well into 2010. Thanks for all you are doing, I am enjoying the workouts. Keep putting on the pressure! So much fun!Thank you!" A. Todd Rutledge, 42 y.o. Scottsdale

"Elvira is truly an experienced professional I've ever known! I've taken  her private training more than 2 years, and I' m not going to stop. The results are unbelievable! I've lost 15 pounds during MY first couple weeks!!! Totally, I lost 48 pounds!!! I feel great! Thank to her so much!" Alice B., 27 y.o. Phoenix

"I have always been a very athletic person, all my life. After a car accident and years on morphine my body was very weak and I had regained the pregnancy weight that I had lost. Years of laying in bed caused me to lose all of my muscle tone and my weight kept quickly climbing. My eating was out of control and my portion sizes were huge. My hardest problem was just finding the motivation to get out of bed and move my body.  When I met Elvira, I knew she was going to be able to help me to get where I wanted to go. One look at her body and I knew she knew her stuff. I really enjoy how my workouts are not the same from day to day and how she teaches me to use all of the different equipment in the gym. She knows how to push me harder than I would push myself. Since things are different all the time the workouts never get boring. The best part is that my belly is shrinking and soon I won't look pregnant anymore! haha It's amazing to feel the changes happening so quickly in my body. My clothes are getting looser and my friends are telling me that they can already see the difference in my body. I have less pain now than I did before I started and I am almost off of all of my pain medicines. I always look forward to working out because Elvira is so wonderful, sweet, funny and nice as well as smart and educated about training the body.  I feel blessed to have found someone so amazing and exactly what I needed to motivate me and help me get control of my life back and get stronger and healthier again. I would definitely recommend training with Ellie for anyone looking to get in shape." Karen Rambat, 42 y.o. Scottsdale                        

"Greatest investment I ever made!!! Elvira has constantly helped motivate me during workouts. While training with her I've never experienced any plateau in my results. Her combination of nutrition planning and variety of exercises are so effective. In just over 4 months I lost 80 pounds and in the last 5 months I've built muscle and had really exciting strength gains. When I first started training just walking up the stairs would wear me out. She was able to maximize the work outs with my limited strength and energy. Now I've completed in a Spartan Race and planning to run in the Tough Mudder. In all honesty I never dreamed that a personal trainer could help me achieve so much. I weigh less than I did in College and I feel incredible." Brian Huff, 39 y.o Ahwatukee     

"Go ahead and call ELVIRA and let her work the same miracles she is doing to me!..- In my 65, I was convinced by my doctor that committing to an exercise program and a diet was necessary for me. Needless to say, having NEVER participated in any exercise made this a very difficult step to take. In only the past 3 weeks, I've already lost almost 20 lbs. and dropped over 5! inches from my BELLY! I never ever thought I would say this but I actually look forward to my sessions with her. She makes the sessions interesting and amazing by changing it regularly. She has created a nutritional plan that I don't mind following!! I still have a lot to accomplish with my health goals so I definitely plan on continuing my work with Elvira. I would strongly recommend her for anyone who dreams about improving their health and fitness condition but is afraid of the thought of committing to regular exercise. I am living-walking proof that it is never too late to start and is not as difficult to succeed as you might imagine IF YOU FIND THE RIGHT TRAINER. Thankfully, I found Elvira!!" Jerry G., 65 y.o, Tempe 

"I found Elvira's personal training online, at the end of 2011. I was an overweight 68-year old male, at 240 pounds. After 3 months of twice weekly training, I have lost 33 pounds. I feel much healthier and have more energy. I recently took my annual physical and also a cardio treadmill stress test. The cardio written report stated: "The patient's exercise capacity was above average." I attribute that to the cardio exercises that Elvira has been helping me with. My other results from the physical exam were excellent - the first time in a couple of decades. Elvira is encouraging and very helpful with both the physical training and nutrition monitoring. She has actually made exercising fun. She is flexible with scheduling changes when needed. I'm glad that I found her on the internet, and made the decision to call for a consultation." John L., 69 y.o

"Elvira delivers! I needed to shed some pounds and improve my physical condition. I tried working out on my own at the gym and dieting, with little improvement.When I first meet with Elvira I was skeptical, but decided to try it. After just 2 weeks, I had measurable changes in weight and physical shape. Working out with Elvira has been the highlight of my week! She has customized a personal program for me that works. I have not only lost weight, my body tone has improved. I am leaner, stronger, and happier since I first started. Working with Elvira is the best investment you can make in yourself and in your health!" Mary Mathis, 45 y.o. Phoenix 

"OLDER BUT FEELING MUCH BETTER...I went from hardly any exercise to working out three to four times a week and in 2 1/2 months feel like a different person! Having back problems Elvira has worked on strengthening my back and I now have much less pain. I also have a lot more energy now. Being 66 years old, I didn't know what could be accomplished in fitness training but am glad I took the initiative to contact her and start the program. I've lost about 25+ pounds and have so much more energy to put into living. When you reach 65+ it is critical to start doing something to improve your health and well being. If you don't, you will be sitting, but it will be in a doctor's office. Elvira gives you a constantly changing program that works for your body and your age. I'm a "snowbird" but will exercise on my own during the summer but start back with Elvira in December. You may say you can't afford it but it costs a lot less than doctors and medicines and besides, you feel good. I didn't expect a miracle and you have to understand it takes time to get back into shape after being out of shape for so many years. Don't let thinking you're too old to start something like this stop you. Will be the best thing you've done for yourself in ages! So it's a win-win situation: you feel so much better and you look better. Thanks, Ellie." Ursula P.66 y.o. Phoenix

"I came to you a very weak and overweight person who was starting to give up on my lifetime battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The lack of muscle tone I had and the extra weight was preventing me from almost all activities. Especially activities involving walking and getting around... I appreciated the direct, custom tailored hands on approach. I was expecting someone to say, “here is what you need to do, go do it” instead I found a trainer that stood feet away during each exercise. A trainer that clearly demonstrated each exercise, counted counts, reps etc. The demonstrations involved you doing each one even if it meant getting down on the matt yourself to make sure I did the exercise the absolute correct way for my own physical safety plus for the optimum results from the exercise. You were even there to “spot” me for fear I took a tumble. Your words of encouragement did much to provide motivation to insure this entire challenge and journey for self-improvement could (and did) work. I am 27 pounds lighter. My life has become much easier in so many little ways and in so many areas from opening containers, to shopping, getting in and out of the car, combing my hair even in the dreaded chore of housework. YES!.. You can be happy… you did extremely good work..." Ronald A Wallace,64 y.o. Surprise